My partner and I have trained with Nikki for several years and we believe that he is the ultimate personal trainer. He maintains a laser-like focus on improving how our bodies function, thinking about how fitness affects our overall health and helping us create our best bodies, as we define “best.” He is constantly refreshing his approach so that our workouts are challenging, fun and satisfying. Furthermore, his own awesome physique and beautiful function means that he does more than just talk; he is a living example. Nikki is also incredibly generous – his support has extended outside of the individual training sessions and he has provided customized online resources to help us make the program our own. Most of all, he has helped us stay consistent in spite of our busy lives.
— John + Ted, Philadelphia PA

I was never an athlete and always felt I “didn’t know how” to work out. I was also intimidated at the gym, especially to walk in between all the dudes flexing at the free weights. I began trying some group classes but also wasn’t feeling like I was getting a work out that was tough but also made SENSE. When I first started working out with Nikki, not only did I feel he connected with each of us personally, the stuff he was throwing at us was HARD. But also, as an occupational therapist, it made SENSE! Work and fatigue one muscle then hit its antagonist. It’s all about the stability and using the WHOLE BODY in every workout. I started getting stronger almost immediately. Working out with Nikki in a group also formed other connections. You feel like you are on a team and everyone motivates each other and chats about life before and after each workout. If it wasn’t for Nikki and the bonds he helped forge with the other members, I don’t know that I would have continued my fitness journey or stayed motivated.

WE are stronger together !
— Jillian Stamatelos, Fishtown PA

Working with Nikki not only on my own personal training, but also helping him build his vision has been a testament to the correlation between both community and self. We are in this together - and having someone on your team is all I needed to solidify what I’ve been missing for the last few years in personal growth. Even when the next 10 minutes seem impossible - Nikki’s got your back.
— Eric Ashleigh, Philadelphia

Two years ago, I started training with Nikki. I was 60 years old, overweight, out of shape and wearing a brace on my knee and wrist from old injuries. Nikki changed my life. Unbelievably, with Nikki, I’ve finally really stuck to an exercise program. I became hooked on strength training, hooked on kettlebells and dumbells (I’d never heard of a deadlift before, let alone done one), hooked on working up a good sweat, hooked on the energy rush, and hooked on hearing Nikki call my name: “Julie you can do it. You are no quitter. Concentrate. Abs.” I now love to exercise. Nikki is so motivating. At times I thought that I couldn’t do it. But with incredible patience, a sense of humor, and amazing skill, Nikki safely helped me to find my inner & outer strength. Thank you, Nikki, for being my trainer, my friend. Thank you for each and every muscle!
— Julie Sabur, Fishtown PA

“After undergoing shoulder surgery to repair my labrum tear, I’ve started looking into functional fitness to prevent injuries and increase my strength in my everyday tasks and hobbies. For me, strength training is pointless if you cannot use it in all of your physical activities. After a few months of private training with Nikki, I’ve noticed massive transformation in my body, how I move, and my performance. I first noticed it in one of my Muay Thai classes. When my training partner was holding pads for me, he said “Wow, for a small guy, you can punch and kick really hard!!”. I told him “Really?!?!? Because I’m only striking at 30% of my max strength”. Thanks to Nikki’s training, guidance, and motivation, I was able to keep up with the amateur and professional fighters that I train with at various gyms that I visited. I fell in love with functional fitness, looking to take my strength and conditioning to the next level, looking forward to my next session with Nikki.”
— Benson Voong, Chinatown PA