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F/W 2018

Working with a trainer is a serious decision. It’s all about commitment, accountability, and what you can handle. Sometimes you just want to dip your toe in the water before you jump in the pool. Try one week of Functional Training with WreckFit to see if it’s the right fit.

30-60 Day Weight Loss Challenge
F/W 2018

Reaching a goal requires focus. There are 3 main goals in this aesthetically driven Fitness Culture. Get strong, build muscle, or lose weight. It’s hard, but simple: Burn more than you take in. This weight loss program is so focused that all you need is 4-8 weeks. The key to reaching a goal is FOCUS.

F/W 2018

At WreckFit, we don’t just want to be better. We want to be the best we can be. We don’t just want one benefit of exercise. We want them all. That’s why we cycle trough training disciplines. Creating a community of multifaceted fitness fanatics that can go where they want and can do what they want.



Wrecking Ball Fitness will add dimension, style and enthusiasm to your exercise routine. 
This program will turn your body into a fat demolition crew. 
This isn't just some general kettlebell class. This is WreckFit Training.


Meet your new Trainer

Nikki Omar began his Fitness Career in 2004 with Large Group Training Classes which developed his Total Body training method, and a love for Fitness.  Having a broad list of training goals, Nikki focused on finding a training system that would bring multiple functions together and that‘s Functional Training.  His first discipline was martial arts, earning his black belt in taekwondo in 1995. Nikki moved to Philadelphia and learned to breakdance with crews like - The FooT and - ZEN One Dance Collective. Everyone from that era of life knows him as KiK.


“When Humans make a dedication to focus on Physical and Personal Development it is possible to experience an amazing life” is Nikki’s faith and mission.  He uses training styles like Calisthenics, Kettlebells, and Olympic lifting to test the overall function of his clients and coaches while having a little “Fun” at the same time. Nikki has coined the term WreckFit as his challenging method of Total Body Training.  Nikki Omar is the owner of Wrecking Ball Fitness LLC.


Get Pumped

WreckFit isn’t just about compound or total body exercises.
Yeah, we put the Fun in Function but it’s SO much more than that.

It’s also about the burn, the squeeze, and the breath. Let’s not forget about the passion and enthusiasm. These workouts are about feeling alive and appreciating all that you can do, and all that you can be. We will bring you all the way up to your limit, and then give you the confidence to go further that you ever thought you could. It is in that moment that you begin to understand how important it is move and develop. You are going to find muscles you never knew you had. As you watch your body change and take shape, you will wonder why you didn’t start this journey sooner.

That’s right. When you party with us, you can’t just show up. No, you’ve got to give it all you’ve got, then you’ve got to “Go Deeper” so you can “Get The Most!”


Begin Your

There's so much that I want to give to fitness. I want to show people how much strength they have inside them. Inside this house, there is no doubt that you will reach your fitness goals. Wrecking Ball Fitness is in the practice of making us all capable of greatness. 

Physically and mentally, inside and out, I am fascinated by the potential energy generation of uniting the body and mind through movement. Wrecking will explore this concept with patience and persistence.  An infectious mantra will be created through the dance of hard & soft, down & up, slow & fast, force & flow, push & pull. 

Wrecking will evolve and strive to stand as an example of this dynamic. Exemplifying the pursuit for power...