Escape your own prison.

Going to the “gym” can be an empowering experience. Developing relationships that motivate you to be your best. Improving the way your body looks and feels. Rising to the expectations of your peer groups. When you feel at home, safe, and appreciated at your local gym, it’s as if there is no challenge that you can’t stand up to. Even if that challenge is too much for you today, you can attack it with confidence, knowing that we got your back. And you know what, that makes it even more sweet when you do surpass that level of difficulty.

At Wrecking Ball Fitness, we build communities through challenging workouts and experiencing nature, sport and play. We have experienced that being able to share those experiences with others makes life Awesome. We value bringing people together not just in the gym but outside as well. The goal being to develop the human to a point when anywhere can be your gym. We strive give people the power, strength, and physical awareness to be able to climb mountains together, run races together, laugh and enjoy a good sweat together. Because “WE are stronger TOGETHER”