Cardio Calisthenic Conditioning (aka C3) is my all out High-Intensity Interval Workout. It includes boxing and/or kickboxing, interval training, calisthenics, and resistance training to chisel you into a lean mean fighting machine. The focus of this class is aerobic endurance and Dynamic conditioning. In this class you will be challenged in every way. But the best way to get through it is to come prepared to party. We use hand weights for dynamic resistance while punching,
a mat for core and calisthenic work and a plethora of kicks to get you in the best shape of your life. This Program is meant to be fun, positive, but aggressive. With this workout, you can blow off some steam or you can just get down, and dirty.   

C3 is Dynamic. So it is going to get you moving and keep your heart jumping. The activity is non-stop so it is going to melt the fat, burn a ton of calories, and get you the body you want in time for the summer. This discipline isn't just a bunch of squats and weak punches, it's a chance for you to see what you are made of. It's a journey to becoming the ultimate version of yourself. It's going to teach you to be tough, to be determined, and to be efficient. So if you are willing to fight, and to keep pushing forward to get that body that you want then sign up for C3.


Large Group Training

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